Thursday, August 12, 2010

Photographers Look Back at The 1st Annual New Orleans Burlesque Fest!

We asked photographers from last year’s inaugural New Orleans Burlesque Festival to submit some of their favorite photos. Meet two of the photographers, and take a look at their favorite shots!

Andreas Koch: "Being originally from Germany, I have always been fascinated by the beauty of the “All American Girl” and everything that is Cheesecake and Americana. Becoming a Photographer at a mid point in my life, I immediately was drawn towards the world of classic Pin-up photography and Burlesque performers. I find there is just something about the classic beauty of a woman photographed in a way of days gone by, that both fascinates and mesmerizes me."

Photo of Trixie Little (above) by A. Koch.

"I love everything about this shot from the composition, to the way the lights hit her just right. It feels both staged and natural at the same time and to me it’s perfect from her hat to her stilettos."

Photo of Evie Lovelle (right) by A. Koch :

"This shot is the perfect combination of sensuality, innocence and femininity. It’s a great example of what modern Burlesque is all about. The art of the tease."

Jeff Teachworth: "I wasn't even sure whether I was going to be able to make it out to the Burlesque Fest that Friday night. I had other work to finish and wanted to stay in and catch up, but something kept telling me to just grab my camera and go. I hadn't known much about burlesque at that point, especially that this experience would change my life.

So that Friday night I walked into the New Orleans Burlesque Fest with my camera in hand, I didn't realize I was about to strike photographic gold, I was just curious about what exactly burlesque was. After showing them my card and explaining my experience, the management was happy to have me and I walked into a very classy art-deco styled theater in Harrah's New Orleans casino. In fact, it looked more like I was at a Broadway show. Once the show started, I immediately knew I was in for a great experience.

Photo of GiGi LaFemme (above) by Jeff Teachworth.

As the performers came out, they were all shapes and sizes, all dressed beautifully in fancy historic glamorous attire, pulling it slowly off and modeling it all with the confidence and poise of trained dancers. I got a memory card full of exciting images that night. As I looked through them later, I saw gold, and when I showed them off, everyone loved them - both my male and female friends. In fact, one photo became a signature piece for me. It is of Mia Vixen, all dressed in red with starry black background and a hot white spotlight behind her. I present it here in its later form as an advertisement for my feature publication.

Photo of Mia Vixen (above, right) by Jeff Teachworth.

Not only did these and other photos inspire me to specialize in burlesque, but as I followed it locally, I built up a portfolio which inspired me to combine it with my journalism skills to create a magazine called, 'Burlesque Scene'.

Now I routinely document the images and the words of the local burlesque scene here in greater New Orleans, and we're growing. I am very thankful to The New Orleans Burlesque Fest last year not only for its art and presentation of burlesque, but also for its professional warmth. The experience was life-altering and has propelled me into a whole new career in photojournalism as the publisher of"

Photo of Michelle L'amour (above) by Jeff Teachworth.

Thanks Andy and Jeff! You will find them back at the 2nd Annual New Orleans Burlesque Festival from September 17-19. We can't wait to see the new photos!

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